To display the preferences, open “TrashMe 3” menu then click on the “Preferences…” item. You can customize several settings to tailor the app to your needs.


By default, TrashMe 3 will display in dark mode or light mode automatically depending on the choice made in macOS preferences. You can however force the light mode or the dark mode according to your wishes.

If necessary, you can export or import the list of your favorite apps, with all the registration information and associated documents. Prefer encryption of the archive to prevent reading of its contents by anyone.
When you choose to protect access to favorite apps, you must enter your macOS user account password the first time you use the function. Alternatively, you can use TouchID.

Determine if you want to be notified when TrashMe has just completed a task while the app was in the background (for example, when the duplicate search is complete).

TrashMe may display a notification in macOS to remind you to clean up your Mac. Set the reminder frequency or deactivate the function.


For most functions, you can exclude files or folders so that they are ignored. For example, you can exclude a folder while checking for duplicates or exclude an app from checking for updates.

Start by choosing the function concerned from the drop-down list, then click on the “+” button at the bottom of the list, or else drag and drop a file or folder directly into the list. You can also exclude a file or a folder directly from the concerned function, using the contextual menu and choosing “Add to Exclusions List”.

When you modify this list, you must restart a search for duplicates, a search for updates or a files overview.

Smart mode

Smart mode is an extension that will appear in the macOS menu bar to add many features such as automatic detection of app deletion or monitoring the health of your Mac.

Detect app removal
When you put an app in the Trash, Smart Mode will automatically detect that app and offer you to open TrashMe for a clean uninstall.

Alert if Trash size exceeds
When your Trash becomes too large, TrashMe will display a notification prompting you to empty it. You can choose the alert threshold or disable this feature by choosing “Disable” from the list.

You can replace the default icon in the Menu Bar with an information about the battery level, the processor temperature or usage or the memory pressure. By clicking on the Settings button, you can customize the behavior of the monitoring function, especially if you want to show a notification or run a shortcut when specific conditions are met.

Menu Bar
If you don’t want the Mac’s health monitoring feature to be available, you can choose to hide the smart mode icon from the menu bar. Functions listed above will continue to work.

Click on the “Customize” button in order to select which sections will appear in the Smart Mode (processor, memory, battery…) and which apps shortcuts will appear on the bottom left corner.

Keyboard Shortcut
You can set a keyboard shortcut to quickly show and hide the smart mode menu.

Check the section dedicated to Smart Mode.


This section allows you to view the authorizations you have granted to TrashMe. These authorizations are necessary for the proper functioning of the app, so we recommend that you check that a green badge is displayed in front of each sub-section.


You can choose to enable or disable automatic checking for updates, as well as their automatic installation. The search will be performed at regular intervals in the background. At any time, you can force a search by clicking on the “Check” button.

Note: this function is not present in the Mac App Store version


Show percentage labels to indicate the share of each item in the pie chart.

It is recommended to leave checked the box “Ignore files less than 16KB” in order to speed up the search times. Indeed, comparing thousands of small files can be very time consuming.

Click on the button “?” to learn how to install the maintenance scripts, absent by default in the Mac App Store version. Learn more about maintenance scripts.

You can reset all alerts asking you to confirm your choice.

Additional paths
If you want to list apps in locations other than the default ones, add the folders or drag and drop them into the list.

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