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Migration from the Mac App Store

Displays was previously available on the Mac App Store, but for technical reason, the app could not live anymore on this store without breaking support for Retina resolutions.

Instead, we’re now selling license keys directly from our webstore. All people having bought Displays on the Mac App Store are eligible to a free license key.

Download our Migration Assistant to request your key

Select any resolution easily

Click on Displays icon in the upper-right corner of your screen and choose your monitor resolution among all supported resolutions. Displays is listing even resolutions hidden by macOS.

Displays supports all active monitors attached to your Mac, including AirPlay monitor. With one click, you can enable or disable mirroring mode.

To easily identify a resolution, you can set a custom label instead of resolution width/height and you may choose or not to group Retina resolutions, and even hide too-small resolutions.

Rest your eyes with our Night mode

Light at night is part of the reason so many people don’t get enough sleep. When night is coming, you can enable a night mode to rest your eyes and avoid unwanted effects of lights, especially blue light.

With just one click, or with a keyboard shortcut, you can switch to macOS Dark theme, lower screen brightness, reduce blue light emitted by your display, enable grayscale mode or even set another wallpaper. If your screen does not support brightness control, Displays will simulate screen dimming.

And night mode can be scheduled, either in a user-defined period or based on sunset/sunrise. You can even automatically switch to night mode when you launch any app of your choice!

Screenshots unleashed

With Displays, you can take screenshots easily, either entire screen, specific area or a window. Many options are offered like timer, presets, mouse pointer, window shadow…

Use our various tools to annotate your screenshot: free drawing, rectangle, polygon, star, arrow, speech bubble, text… Another useful tool allows you to pixellate or blur some sensitive part of your screenshot.

Sharing screenshots has never been easier. Displays supports many cloud services where you can upload your screenshot and obtain a share link: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, pCloud, FTP and SFTP.

Laser pointer for your presentations

You’re doing presentations like app demonstration or Powerpoint? Displays can act like a virtual laser pointer to grab your audience’s attention on what you’re doing.

Entire screen will be dimmed, except the part where your mouse cursor sits and mouse clicks will also be visually highlighted. Everything is customizable: circle or rectangular shape, screen color, opacity, highlight radius, play sound, differentiate left and right mouse clicks…


When one of your external monitor is in another room or not directly visible, it’s hard to see what is displayed on it. The same happened when you’re doing a Powerpoint presentation and the slides are behind you. That’s why we implemented Picture-in-Picture (PiP) for monitors.

Displays can enable a PiP overlay, that reflects the secondary screen content in real-time. And for sure, PiP can be enabled for more than one monitor at a time.

Watch the video

Quickly hide your desktop

Do you need to hide temporarily the mess on your desktop? With one click or through a customizable keyboard shortcut, you can quickly hide all your desktop icons, without loosing essential features of your desktop like drag & drop or contextual menu.

Displays speaks your language



Displays is not just a resolution switcher for macOS, as it comes with a lot more features for people managing multiple monitors and developers.

List all resolutions

List all resolutions supported by your monitor, even those usually hidden by macOS.

Switch resolution

Click on Displays icon in the macOS menu bar and choose the desired resolution. That’s it.

Custom labels

Replace default resolution name like “1680 x 1900 (60 Hz)” by any other text.

Group resolutions

Resolutions can be grouped or not by Retina, and you can filter/hide any resolution.

Toggle mirroring

Enabling or disabling macOS screen mirroring is actually just two clicks.


Rotate your monitor display to 90°, 180° or 270° (only if monitor supports rotation).

Info about monitor

Get detailed information, like serial number, manufacturing date, active graphic card…

Night mode

Rest your eyes in one click by reducing blue light and/or switching to Dark theme.

Take screenshots

Easily take a screenshot of a window, area or entire screen, with options like timer.

Annotate screenshot

Easily annotate, crop or resize your screenshot, with 12 different tools.

Share screenshot

Upload your screenshot to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP server…

Hide desktop icons

With one click or keyboard shortcut, quickly hide all your desktop icons.

Virtual laser pointer

Grab your audience’s attention by highlighting mouse pointer and mouse clicks.


Show secondary monitor live preview in an overlay window on your main screen.

Calibrate screen

Show a Test Card to help in monitor calibration, whatever screen ratio (4:3, 16:10…).


Get notifications for many events like monitor plug-in or video card change.

Keyboard shortcuts

Set customizable shortcuts for all functions, like switching resolution or night mode.

True Tone

Quickly enable or disable True Tone mode of macOS, if your Mac supports this feature.

Dark mode

Displays entirely supports the new Dark mode introduced in macOS Mojave.

macOS Monterey

Displays is fully optimized for the latest release 12.0 of macOS, called “Monterey”.


Displays is using all modern technologies offered by Apple for the best performance.

If bought Displays on the Mac App Store, you’re eligible to a free licence key (please check Support section).






Easy to use
Only two clicks are necessary to change your monitor resolution

Will adapt to your needs with full customisation for every function

Every function has been deeply tested on every macOS version

Comes with many advanced tools, no need to buy some other apps


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Version 1.9.10 – 01/10/2021
Requires macOS 10.9 or later – Ready for macOS Ventura – Notarized by Apple
64-bit processor Intel or Apple Silicon M1/M2
15 days Free Trial with time limit
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