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Uninstall, no file left behind

When you remove an app from your Mac, a lot of files remain on your disk (temporary files, caches, settings…), wasting precious space.

With TrashMe, you’ll get rid of all these hidden files! Our powerful algorithm has been improved over the years to find almost every file created by apps.

Automatic detection

You don’t need to open TrashMe to use our uninstallation feature. Just enable the Smart Detection feature in Preferences, and each time you put an app in your Trash, you’ll be offered to perform a clean uninstall through TrashMe.

TrashMe can also display an alert when your Trash is full and you’ll be able to empty your Trash just by clicking on alert button.

Powerful tools to clean your Mac

Many files on your Mac are junk files, for example incomplete downloads, hidden files stored by Windows or other apps (Desktop.ini, *.git, *.svn…). Each file is small in size but thousands of this sort of files can be stored on your hard-drive! TrashMe helps you to find and delete these files. In addition, you can easily reveal old files – not accessed for a long time – or big files like iOS Software Updates.

TrashMe can also delete caches created by apps and system (DNS cache, Fonts cache, Mail downloads…). Thus you can recover space on your hard-drive but also fix some issues.

Manage your favorite apps

Uninstalling apps is great, but what about managing a list of your favorite apps? These favorite apps will be automatically protected against unintentional removal from your Mac. In addition, for each favorite app, you can store registration information (such as username, license key or password), and even attach documents.

Everything is encrypted and protected with TouchID or a password. Nobody can read your personal data without your authorization.


Files removed when uninstalling

Find out how TrashMe can save you a lot of space, because simply removing the app by placing it in the Trash will not remove all junk files left behind.


Remove app
Uninstall with TrashMe


Remove app
Uninstall with TrashMe


Remove app
Uninstall with TrashMe


Remove app
Uninstall with TrashMe

These results were collected with TrashMe 2.1.18 on a real macOS system. Results may vary from one system to another.

TrashMe speaks your language



TrashMe is not only a powerful uninstaller for macOS as it comes with a lot more features to get your Mac cleaner and to reclaim more space for your hard drive.

Easy uninstall

Drag and drop an app into TrashMe, check results and hit the Delete button. That’s it.

Smart detection

Go on as usual, TrashMe can open automatically when you put an app in the Trash.

List apps and others

List all your apps or preferences panes, and choose the ones to uninstall.


Don’t waist space with a huge Trash! TrashMe warns you when your Trash is full.

Junk files

Remove all these files you really don’t need (Windows files, incomplete downloads…).

Clean caches

Remove system caches in order to solve some issues and free up hard disk space.

Hidden settings

Modify some useful hidden settings of macOS, such as showing hidden files.

Favorite apps

Manage a list of favorite apps and store registration info (invoice, license key…).


TrashMe keeps track of what you’ve deleted and which action you performed.


Tired of entering your password in favorite apps? Use TouchID with latest MacBooks.


TrashMe looks gorgeous on your MacBook or MacBook Pro with Retina display.


TrashMe is using all modern technologies offered by Apple for the best performance.

If bought TrashMe on the Mac App Store, you need to install our free add-on to uninstall some apps (please check Support section).






Finds almost every file related to the app you’d like to uninstall

Easy to use
No painful action is required to uninstall, just clicks or drag&drop

Uninstall algorithm has been perfected for more than 8 years

Comes with many advanced tools to reclaim more space to your Mac

  • I’ve tried several of these apps and this is the one I decided to pay for and support.
    – Tfigs on the Mac App Store –
  • It finds most if not all the garbage left behind from apps you want to uninstall.
    – Internetworld7 on the Mac App Store –
  • It does a perfect job. Really good application and excellent level of support.
    – Ybalnashif on the Mac App Store –
  • I had an immediate feeling this was a well engineered app. Worked perfectly.
    – Omaco on the Mac App Store –


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Version 2.1.23 – 22/10/2020
Requires macOS 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Trial Version is limited to 5 uninstallations
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