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Version 2.1.18 - 16/05/2018
macOS 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Free Trial version limited to 5 uninstallations


Uninstall your apps and clean your Mac

TrashMe results when uninstalling an app

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TrashMe is a powerful uninstaller for the Mac with other great useful tools. You’ve probably ever thought that an application only needs to be moved to your Trash to get uninstalled? This is not completely true, as many files would be left behind, those files created by the application (temporary files, caches, settings…). With TrashMe, you’ll never let those files make your Mac dirty!

– Trash application, widget, plugin, preference pane
– Find all related files that need to be deleted too
– Protect application from being uninstalled
– Automatically detect an application moved to the Trash


Get rid of junk files

Many files on your Mac are junk files. For example, Windows is storing some useless files like thumbnails, folder preferences… You may want to avoid this sort of files on your Mac.

In addition, you’re sometimes storing very big files, let’s say games demos or app installer. Or you may want to search for very old files, not accessed for a long time.

TrashMe will let you clean your Mac by searching and deleting all these junk files.


Manage your favorite apps in TrashMe

Manage your favorite apps

Uninstalling apps is great, but what about managing a list of your favorite apps? These favorite apps will be automatically protected against unintentional removal from your Mac.

In addition, for each favorite app, you can store registration information (such as username, license key or password), and even attach documents.

Last, everything is encrypted and protected with TouchID (MacBook Pro Late 2016) or a password. Nobody can read your personal data without your authorization!


All features at a glance


Easy uninstall

Drop an app into TrashMe, check results and hit the Delete button. That’s it. *

List apps and others

Display a list of your apps, widgets and preferences panes, and choose the ones to uninstall.

Favorite apps

Manage a list of favorite apps to protect and store registration info (licence key…).

Clean macOS caches

TrashMe can remove system caches in order to solve some issues and free up hard disk space.

Junk files

Remove junk files from your Mac (Windows files such as thumbs.db, desktop.ini, or svn, git…).

SierramacOS High Sierra

TrashMe is compatible with 10.13 release of macOS (High Sierra).


Use TouchID instead of a creating password to protect your favorite apps data***.

Smart detection

TrashMe can be opened automatically when you put an app in your Trash (check Preferences).

Filter apps

You may only list applications not used in the past few months, so as to tidy up your Mac.

Hidden settings

Modify some useful hidden settings of macOS, such as Library folder hidden state. **

System Trash

Force delete a Trash file or choose to delete only particular files instead of whole Trash.


TrashMe keeps track of what you’ve deleted and which action you performed.

Retina display

TrashMe looks gorgeous on your MacBook or MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Touch Bar

Navigate through the app or perform actions with your Touch Bar***.

* if bought on the Mac App Store, you need to install our free add-on to uninstall some apps, especially those coming from the Mac App Store
** if bought on the Mac App Store, available after installation of our free add-on
*** MacBook Pro late 2016 only

Supported languages

                    Turkish  Portuguese (Brazil)



TrashMe screenshot: main window TrashMe screenshot: list all your installed apps TrashMe screenshot: favorite apps


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Version 2.1.18 – 16/05/2018
Requires macOS 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor
Trial Version is limited to 5 uninstallations
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