TrashMe regularly checks for available updates for your apps, whether they were installed from the Mac App Store or not. To perform this verification, TrashMe relies on data provided by publishers in their apps or on their website. We also query Apple’s database for apps downloaded from the Mac App Store.

List of updates

On the left, TrashMe will list all the updates found. By clicking on one of them, you will display the details of the update such as the new version number, the date and size of the update, as well as the list of changes. Not all information is necessarily available.

Note: some publishers are rolling out their updates gradually; it is therefore possible that TrashMe offers you an update when the app in question does not yet offer it.

Perform an update

To update an app, click the “Open” button to open the app. Then look for the item “Check for updates” in the app menu.

For apps from the Mac App Store, the button is replaced by “View in the Mac App Store”. It will open the app’s listing in the Mac App Store, where you can update.

Exclude an app

If you want TrashMe to stop checking for updates for a particular app, you can exclude it: select the app from the list, then open the context menu by clicking on the “…” button and finally choose “Add to Exclusions list”. You can choose to exclude the whole app or only the selected app update.

You can manage this list in TrashMe Preferences.

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