Album cover on your desktop

Display a gorgeous album cover on your desktop to always know what your favorite music app is playing. We provide 8 different themes like vinyl cover, classic, CD case, and others can be downloaded.

You can also control playback status and display the track name, artist and album name. Everything is customizable!

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Display lyrics

You love to sing on your favorite tracks? You’ll enjoy our unique feature that displays lyrics of current song in a specific window or sticked on your desktop. If your song does not embed lyrics, you can edit them by yourself or launch a search on Google.

iTunes, Music or Spotify, your choice

TunesArt has been the best iTunes companion for years. Spotify client for Mac is also supported and Music app on macOS Catalina too.

Search in your library, faster

Starting a new particular song in iTunes, Music or Spotify requires too many clicks. TunesArt lets you search in your music library even faster: open the search panel with a customizable keyboard shortcut, enter your keyword and results appear with no delay! Everything can me performed just with your keyboard to stay focused on what you do.

Keyboard shortcuts

Have you ever been frustrated to quit your keyboard just to perform some basic actions, like controlling the playback or rating a track? With TunesArt, you’ll save your time with keyboard shortcuts, available for most functions. All shortcuts are customizable and are available everywhere, everytime.


TunesArt integrates with and its unique feature called ‘Scrobbling’. Automatically publish on your account what you’re listening to, and get detailed information about an artist.

Posting on Twitter what you’re listening is so easy with TunesArt, with just one click or a keyboard shortcut. You can customize the default Tweet in TunesArt preferences and include album cover.

TunesArt speaks your language



TunesArt will extend your favorite music player with dozen of useful features.

Album cover

Display a gorgeous album cover on your desktop, along with track information.


Choose among 8 different cover styles, and download new themes to fit your needs.


Display a customizable notification when track changes, in macOS notification center.

Player controls

Next track, previous track, play, pause… control everything in menubar or on album cover.

Artist information

Get all details about an artist, like biography, photo, discography… (info provided by support

Update your account by scrobbling current track (now playing + normal modes).

Twitter integration

Publish on Twitter information about the track you’re playing, including album cover.

Menubar controls

Display playback controls, scrolling track’s title and rating in the macOS menubar.

Search library

Quickly search a song, an album or a playlist, without opening iTunes, Music or Spotify.


Display track’s lyrics on your desktop or in a window, and edit them easily.

Tags manager

Easily edit tracks information of your iTunes/Music library and add missing album cover.


Rate the song you’re listening to, either from menubar, album cover or main menu.


Starting to play an iTunes/Music playlist has never been easier with TunesArt.

Keyboard shortcuts

Set customizable shortcuts for all functions, like search, lyrics, player controls, ratings…


TunesArt can interact with Spotify client for Mac, and obviously iTunes and Music.


TunesArt looks gorgeous on your MacBook or MacBook Pro with Retina display.

macOS Monterey

TunesArt is fully optimized for the latest release 12.0 of macOS, called “Monterey”.

Apple M1

TunesArt now runs natively on the new Apple Silicon M1 processor.




TunesArt screenshot: cover album on your desktop
TunesArt screenshot: search in your library
TunesArt screenshot: search and display lyrics




Small memory footprint to run as fast as possible on any system

Will always fits your needs, with many themes and settings

Works with iTunes, Music and Spotify, from macOS 10.9 to 11.0 Big Sur

Extend your favorite music player with premium features


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Version 1.9.8 – 11/08/2021
Requires macOS 10.9 or later, ready for macOS Monterey – Notarized by Apple
64-bit processor Intel or Apple Silicon M1/M2
15 days Free Trial with time limit
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