Every app is creating a lot of related files, such as temporary files, caches, settings, etc… Those files are not removed when you just put an app in the Trash, leading to wasted space on your Mac. TrashMe will find almost all related files for an app. After reviewing the files, you’ll be able to delete them so as to clean uninstall the app.


You can choose to list all the apps installed on your Mac or select a specific app. It is also possible to drag and drop one or more apps on the uninstall home page (note that you can also drag and drop on the TrashMe 3 icon or on the dashboard).

List of apps

In the list on the left, all the apps will be displayed. On the right side, TrashMe displays the files related to the app. This search is performed as soon as you select an app from the list on the left and should not last more than a few seconds.

Filter apps

Above the list on the left, you can choose to filter the results:

  • Favorites: apps that you have added to your favorites list
  • Apple Silicon: apps that run natively on Apple Silicon processors
  • Not supported: apps that don’t work on your Mac (for example 32-bit apps or PowerPC apps)
  • Unused: apps you haven’t used recently
  • Selected: apps you have selected for uninstallation

Uninstall an app

To uninstall an app, you can either:

  • In the list on the left, click on the checkbox in front of app’s name
  • In the right part, click on the “Select” button just above the list of related files, and choose “Select for uninstallation”

Check the list of selected files and optionally uncheck those that do not seem to be related to the app or those that you want to keep. If the list of related files shows a “Maybe related” topic, review the files in the topic and if they seem relevant, select them.

Some files cannot be selected and will show an “i” icon instead. These are files required by macOS or for which TrashMe does not have the necessary permissions to delete (Mac App Store version only, due to Apple rules).

Finally, click on the “Uninstall” button at the bottom right to move all the files to the Trash.

Reset an app

If you want to keep the app while resetting its settings, you can choose “Select for resetting” above the list of related files. Note that in rare cases, it is sometimes necessary to restart your Mac for the reset to be fully effective.

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