The Dashboard section is the default page when you open TrashMe 3. You can get an overview of your Mac and you hard drive.

Your Mac

This section will display useful information about your Mac, like processor name, memory installed, version of macOS and names of the graphic card(s). By clicking the “Info” button, you can show additional information like the manufactured date and serial number.

System information

By default, the dashboard displays basic information about your system: macOS version, disk usage, network activity, system up-time and eventually battery status. You can display advanced information by clicking the dropdown menu at the top right corner (processor and memory usage, graphics, connected accessories).

If system updates are available, TrashMe will show a red badge on the macOS icon. By clicking on this icon, you can display the list of available updates.

In the disk section, TrashMe only displays the disk where macOS is installed. The progress bar will show the usage of this disk. By clicking the “Info” button, you can show additional information about your disk and its usage, especially S.M.A.R.T. information.

Note: the available space displayed can differ from the Finder because the Finder does not always reflect the real usage; you can check the real usage in macOS Disk utility, or by clicking the Apple menu > About this Mac > Storage.


This section will display the accumulated size of files deleted thanks to TrashMe. Click the “Show” button to display the full history. If you clear the history, the accumulated size displayed here, will be also reseted.


You can send us your comments or bug reports directly from the app. Click the icon in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard to open the Feedback window.

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