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10 best widgets for macOS Ventura

At the end of 2020, Apple released a major new version of its operating system: macOS Big Sur. This version introduces new wigdgets, that are completely different from the ones you might see in previous versions of macOS. They are still located in the notification center, but they now come in 3 different sizes so that you can choose the layout that suits you best. In 2023, macOS Ventura keeps the same widgets.

How to display your widgets

To view your widgets, simply click the date or time at the top right of the screen, or swipe left from the right edge of the trackpad with two fingers.

How to manage your widgets

Open the notification center (see above) then click on the « Edit widgets » button at the bottom. The list of available widgets will then be displayed in the center. On the left, you can filter widgets by app or even search for a widget.

To add a new widget, simply click on the preview of the relevant widget and it will be added to your notification center (or click on the button ). The small symbols allow to toggle the preview of the widget in its different sizes. Note that not all widgets offer different sizes and the information displayed may vary from size to size.

Some widgets can be customized: when you are in edit mode, just click on an existing widget to display the options. When you are simply viewing the notification center, right-click on the widget to display a menu that will give you the option to choose the size, remove the widget or even display customization options.
You now know everything about the new widgets. Now we are going to bring you a list of the 10 best widgets for macOS Big Sur.

Fantastical 3

Fantastical is the multiple award-winning calendar app with powerful features including an intuitive natural language parsing, a full calendar window with day, week, month, and year views, an ultra-quick access mini window, tasks, time zone support, and much, much more. It’s a very good replacement for the Calendar app. The app comes with 10 sorts of widgets, for a maximum flexibility! [Download the app]


Bear is flexible notes app with quick organisation, editing tools, and export options to help you write quickly and share anywhere and preserve your privacy with encryption. It’s available for macOS, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, all your notes are in sync. You can display 3 sorts of widgets: single note, list of recent notes and list filtered by a keyword. [Download the app]

TrashMe 3

TrashMe 3 is a powerful cleaner and uninstaller for macOS. You can easily uninstall any app with all its related files, search for duplicate files, clean system caches and find junk files. Latest version also offers two new widgets: one to monitor your disk usage, and another to monitor the battery status of your Mac, bluetooth accessories and even your AirPods! [Download the app]


With this application you can promptly access tracking information for 300 delivery services, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, LaserShip, Aramex, OnTrac, China Post, SingPost and many other postal services. The macOS app comes with a beautiful widget which can show the tracking status of your parcel. [Download the app]

Things 3

The award-winning Things app helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals. Things is tailored to the Mac with deep system integrations as well, and now offers customizable widgets for macOS Big Sur. [Download the app]


Orbit will let you keep track of how you spend your time, get an overview of where your time is spent and create invoices based on your tracked time. Available on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, Orbit offers two beautiful widgets for macOS Big Sur: one for your active timer and one for the details of the most recent timer. [Download the app]


GameTrack is a universal Mac / iPhone / iPad app that makes managing your video game collection easy and enjoyable. Use your GameTrack account to share your gaming activity with your friends. The app comes with two widgets to show upcoming releases and the game you’re actually playing. [Download the app]


LookUp is an easy to use reference and learning app that helps you discover and learn a new english word everyday. The app has been completely redesigned to take advantage of macOS, and now offers a simple widget to learn a new word every day. [Download the app]

News Explorer

News Explorer is a full-featured yet easy-to-use RSS, JSON, Atom and Twitter newsreader with iCloud based synchronisation between Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The embedded widget can show your latest news and is fully customizable. [Download the app]


MoneyCoach creates healthy financial habits that reduce your financial stress, increase your financial knowledge, and develop your financial skills. The app comes with several widgets to show your goals and track your bills. [Download the app]

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Welcome to macOS Monterey

On October 25, 2021, Apple finally released the new version 12 of macOS: Monterey.

macOS Monterey delivers groundbreaking new features that help users connect in new ways, accomplish more, and work seamlessly across their Apple devices. FaceTime includes new audio and video features that make calls feel more natural and lifelike, and new Continuity tools like AirPlay to Mac enable Apple devices to work even better together. Live Text and Visual Lookup bring new intelligence features to surface useful information, Safari includes powerful tab organization with Tab Groups, and the ease of automation comes to the Mac with Shortcuts.

Coming later this fall, SharePlay will enable Mac users to have shared experiences together through FaceTime, and Universal Control will make it easy for users to work effortlessly across their Mac and iPad. macOS Monterey is available today as a free software update on Macs with Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs.

We’ve just updated TrashMe 3 to version 3.4.2, with full support for macOS Monterey and Apple M1 Pro / Max processors. TunesArt and Displays are also compatible with macOS Monterey and feature native support for Apple M1 processors.

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Welcome Apple Silicon M1

A few months ago, during the WWDC20 developer conference, Apple announced the arrival of new generation processors for Macs: Apple Silicon. These processors, derived from chips embedded in iPhone and iPad, then promise increased performance and reduced energy consumption.

The promise was kept quickly. A few weeks ago, Apple announced the first processor in this range: Apple M1. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch are the first to benefit from these chips.

However, this change also implies the return of universal apps, capable of running both on an Intel processor and on an Apple Silicon processor. This situation is well known to older Mac users: when Apple abandoned the PowerPC architecture in favor of Intel, universal apps then appeared. Those that had not been updated could continue to work thanks to Rosetta, an engine that translated PowerPC code into Intel code.

Today, we are in the same situation: Apple offers Rosetta 2 for Macs with an Apple M1 processor. Rosetta 2 allows you to run apps that have not yet been adapted to Apple Silicon.

At Jibapps, we have of course decided to adapt all our apps to these new processors. Today, we are proud to release a new universal version of TrashMe 3, which therefore runs natively on both Intel processors and Apple M1 processors.

Our other apps will be updated in the coming weeks.

TrashMe 3 now available on the Mac App Store

We’re very proud to announce that TrashMe 3, our cleaner and uninstaller for macOS, is now available on the Mac App Store. Version 3 of TrashMe has been launched few months ago with a new modern user interface, an improved speed in all tasks and many new features like a duplicate finder, a disk overview and menubar extension to monitor the health of your Mac.

We promised a release of TrashMe 3 on the Mac App Store before the end of the year, and here it is. This version has the same set of features than the regular version available on our webstore. However, due to Apple restrictions, we’ve been forced to adapt the app a little bit (check the differences in our Frequently Asked Questions).

Along with this announcement, we offer a new version 3.1.1 for all our users. This new version adds an history of all cleaning actions and improves the speed of the uninstaller tool. We’ve also fixed several issues reported back.

To celebrate the release of TrashMe 3 on the Mac App Store, we offer a discount for a limited time!

Download a Free Trial
Buy on the Mac App Store or on our webstore
Users of previous version 2 can upgrade with with a discounted price.

How to uninstall apps on a Mac

Uninstalling apps on macOS is more than moving the app to the Trash. And we are going to explain why.

Each application creates many files in order to run properly: configuration files, temporary files, etc… When you just drag and drop an app into the Trash, those files are not removed from your Mac and they can waste a lot of space. For example, an app like Spotify stores the music you’re listening to in order to start playing your favorite songs faster; these files are called « caches » and they can represent several GB of wasted space if you decide to remove Spotify!

To completely uninstall an app on macOS, there are two ways:
– the manual way
– the easy way

Manual uninstall

In order to completely uninstall an app on macOS, you need to locate all files related to the app. First you need to identify the name of the app (should be easy) and the name of the editor. For example: « Photoshop » and « Abode ». This step is important because you should only delete files and folders matching this name and editor. If you remove other files, some apps could stop working and your system could become buggy.

We’re going to explain all the steps to find these files.

1. Open the Finder and go your Library folder (e.g. /Users/John/Library)

2. Look for files and folders related to the app in the following locations and move them to your Trash:

« Application Scripts »
« Application Support »
« Caches »
« Containers »
« Group Containers »
« Preferences »
« Saved Application State »

3. Move the app to the Trash

Keep in mind to verify that the files you’re going to remove are really related to the app: the filename contains the name of the app and the editor is the correct one. For example, a file called « com.abode.Photoshop.plist » is surely related to the app Photoshop from Adobe, but a file « com.microapp.Photoshop.plist » is not!

Finding all related files is something that can be sometimes painful, because there are a lot of locations to search in and you need to be very careful. That’s why there’s another way, safer and easier.

Easy and safe uninstall

Here at Jibapps, we’ve developed one of the best uninstallers for macOS: TrashMe 3. Our app will automatically search for all related files in just a few seconds and you’ll be able to move these files to the Trash with just one click.

This process is completely safe: first, we’ve perfected our algorithm for more than 10 years, to ensure that TrashMe is only revealing the correct files to you. Second, you keep control over what is deleted: each related file can be unselected if you prefer keeping it. Third, all files are only moved to your Trash instead of being permanently deleted.

To uninstall easily any app:
1. Download TrashMe 3 and open it
2. Choose « Uninstall » in the sidebar
3. Either select an app or click « List all apps »
4. Select the apps you want to uninstall, TrashMe 3 will immediately search for related files
5. Click the « Uninstall » button on the bottom right corner

Tip: you can also reset an app by clicking on the menu above the related files and choosing « Select for resetting »; all files except the app package will be deleted

As you can see, TrashMe 3 is for sure the best way to remove all files associated to an app on macOS. Your Mac deserves a pro app to reclaim space and delete all these junk apps you no longer need. Don’t wait, and download your free Trial Version now.

Announcing TrashMe 3

We’re very proud to annonce the release of TrashMe 3, a major version of our best-seller app for macOS. TrashMe 3 lets you clean your Mac and uninstall apps, with many new features and improvements.

Clean your Mac

TrashMe comes with advanced cleaning tools. You’ll be able to quickly identify junk files (large and old files, incomplete downloads, installer packages, Windows files…) and to clean system files like apps caches, Xcode files and orphaned files. Version 3 of TrashMe finds even more files than before, to let you recover more space on your Mac.

Manage your apps

TrashMe uninstaller algorithm has been perfected over the years to find almost all related files that need to be removed along with the app bundle. We’ve greatly improved speed and intuitiveness: TrashMe 3 will find related files 3 times faster than previous version and uninstall process is easier with less steps to remove an app. For apps you want to keep on your Mac, we added a « search for updates » feature, to regularly check for updates for all apps installed on your Mac, even those from the Mac App Store. And you can still manage a list of favorite apps to securely store registration information and documents.

Find duplicate files

It happens frequently that you duplicate documents or photos, without even modifying the copy. These versions pile up on your hard drive to the point that they sometimes take up a lot of space. TrashMe allows you to scan a folder for duplicates so that you can compare all versions and then decide which ones should be removed.

Get an overview of your disk usage

Another new feature of TrashMe 3 is an interactive map that lets you visually discover the space occupied by files and folders on your Mac. Navigate through the disk hierarchy, identify and select files and folders you don’t need anymore, and TrashMe will delete them for you.

Monitor your system

Our Smart Mode feature lets you monitor your system activity, like CPU load & temperature, memory usage, battery status, network configuration… right in your system menubar. Smart mode will also detect any app you put in the Trash to offer a clean uninstall, and will display an alert when your Trash is full.
TrashMe 3 is available today as a Free Download with a 15 days trial period.
People can buy it on our webstore with a special and limited launch price. It will also be available on the Mac App Store later this year. People having bought previous version of TrashMe can upgrade with a discounted price, whatever the version they own (Mac App Store or not).

Preparing for macOS Catalina

Few weeks ago, Apple announced the new version of macOS coming this fall: Catalina. Since 2014, Apple names macOS after California locations and version 10.15 refers to Santa Catalina Island, located just 35 kilometers off the Southern California coast.

Catalina will offer some neat features:

  • New Music, TV and podcasts apps, replacing iTunes
  • Improved Notes and Reminders apps
  • Sidecar lets you extend your workspace by using your iPad as a second display
  • Screen Time is giving you greater insight into how you’re spending your time

And behind the scenes, macOS Catalina will come with enhanced security features to better protect macOS against tampering, help ensure that the apps you use are safe, and give you greater control over access to your data. This is what impacts our apps most.

We immediately started to test and adapt all ours apps to be fully compatible with Catalina when it will be released. New security features affect many functions in our apps, because you’re now requested to give new permissions in Catalina: accessing files in your Documents, Desktop and iCloud folders, capturing keyboard activity or a photo/video of your screen. For example, taking screenshots for the first time with our app Displays will pop-up a system dialog asking your permission to take screenshots. We’ve also reworked some functions to avoid unnecessary permission dialogs.

Our iTunes & Spotify companion, TunesArt, offers a different challenge: iTunes is not available anymore on macOS Catalina. But don’t worry, the new Music app is quite similar to iTunes and we’ve successfully adapted TunesArt to it.

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Major update 1.7 for Displays

Today our app Displays is receiving a major update. Version 1.7 comes with a lot of new features, improvements and fixes, especially for the latest release of macOS Mojave. This is a free update for all our users.

Powerful night mode

We’re very proud of our night mode, conceived to rest your eyes when you’re working in a dark environnement. With version 1.7, we’ve added an auto-switch feature: night mode will be automatically enabled when you launch any app of your choice, and will be disabled when you quit this app. Our night mode is far more powerful than Apple implementation launched with macOS High Sierra (called « Night Shift »), so give it a try! And don’t forget: our app Displays is working from macOS Mountain Lion (10.8), so you can get a night mode even with older macOS versions which don’t include Night Shift from Apple.

Improved notifications

We’ve largely improved notifications, either those using our internal mechanism or those displayed in macOS Notification Center. First ones now adopt same appearance than macOS on recent versions. Second ones have now an icon associated to each action, and for some actions you can easily cancel it by clicking embedded button (let’s say you hid desktop icons, embedded button will let you show desktop icons again).

Better support for macOS Mojave

With the release of macOS Mojave a few weeks ago, we’ve worked hard to fix all bugs and to extensively support new dark theme. Indeed, Displays already included a dark theme, but now all parts of our app is supporting dark theme too (Preferences, Welcome screen, screenshot window…).

Other improvements and bugs fixes are too numerous to get listed here, but you can read the full release notes here.
Displays can be tried out for 15 days and is only 5,99€ for purchase.

Displays 1.6 is now available

We’ve just updated Displays to version 1.6, our app to change resolution on Mac and manage monitors. This version adds a lot of features for taking screenshots.

First of all, when you take a screenshot, a new sharing window is now opened by default, as shown below. Inside this window, you can preview your screenshot and share it easily: either to an hosting service or to any other app installed on your Mac (we’re using the macOS sharing facility). In addition to Cloudapp and Dropbox, already supported, we’ve added OneDrive, Google Drive and FTP server support.

The other improvement is screenshot edition and annotation: directly in the sharing window, you can resize and crop your screenshot. We’ve added a lot of useful tools to annotate your screenshot, like drawing rectangle/circles, lines, free drawing, text, highlighter and even a blur/pixelate tool to hide sensitive data.

Last, we improved support for video card switch. MacBooks Pro and iMacs have two video cards, one called integrated (Intel) and the other one dedicated (Nvidia or ATI) ; macOS switches to the best video card, according to its needs. We’re now displaying the actual name of the video card in use, instead of just « Integrated » or « Dedicated ». And we’ve also added a notification when macOS is switching video card in use (enable this notification in Displays preferences, as this is turned off by default).

TrashMe 2.1.16 available on our webstore

We’re releasing a new version of TrashMe, our uninstaller and cleaning tool for macOS. This new version 2.1.16 is recommended for everybody as we fixed some small annoying bugs. TrashMe now speaks Brazilian Portuguese too, thanks to Paulo Neto.

Starting today, TrashMe is available for direct purchase on our webstore, in addition to the Mac App Store version. The main difference is that the Mac Store version is a bit more limited as it requires installation of our free addon whereas the version available for direct purchase is fully functional even with apps requiring admin password to get uninstalled.

To celebrate the launch of TrashMe on our webstore, we offer a 20% discount with the coupon code TRASHME20. Hurry up, it’s only for a few days!

More information: TrashMe page | Release notes | Webstore

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