TrashMe 3 Upgrade


Why upgrade?

TrashMe 3 is not yet available on the Mac App Store. If you’ve purchased previous version 2.x of TrashMe on the Mac App Store and would like to upgrade now without waiting, you can buy the upgrade on our webstore.

How to buy the upgrade?

We need to confirm that you’ve purchased previous version 2 of TrashMe.

Use the form below to send a proof of purchase and the receipt file which can be found by: right-click on your TrashMe app, choose “Show Package Contents” and then navigate to “Contents > _MASReceipt”.

After reviewing your request, we will send you a coupon code to purchase TrashMe 3 upgrade on our webstore.

Sorry, due to anti-spam measures, this contact form requires that javascript be enabled on your browser.


Where to find the receipt file

Right-clicking on TrashMe 2 app
Navigate to “Contents” > “_MASReceipt” > “receipt”

Which proof of purchase is accepted

  • receipt email received by Apple after your TrashMe 2 purchase
  • screenshot of the Mac App Store like the one below