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New screenshot tool in Displays 1.8

We’ve just released a new version of our app Displays, which helps you to change your monitor resolution and adds tons of premium features. Displays 1.8 is a free update for all our users, but it now requires at least macOS Mavericks 10.9. People having bought Displays on the Mac App Store can obtain a free license key to upgrade to this version, as the Mac App Store version is not updated anymore.

Capture your screen

In this version, we’ve written our screenshot tool from scratch. Instead of capturing the entire screen, you may choose to capture a specific window or only a portion of your screen. In this case, some presets help you to capture with fixed dimension and you’ve got some hints about dimension and position of the selected portion. All settings can be changed on the fly: screenshot destination, timer, mouse pointer capturing…


The screenshot editor is also greatly improved in this version. We’ve added new tools to annotate your screenshot: polygon, star, bubble speech and rotation are now available. Positioning elements is also easier as you can automatically align them with our magnet function. New functions to export your screenshot are now offered: copy to macOS clipboard and save to a new location. Last, we’ve improved many parts of the editor and fixed some bugs.


Displays already supported cloud services where you can upload your screenshot: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, CloudApp and FTP server. In this version, we’ve added three new services: pCloud, Box and SFTP server. Uploads are now more reliable and cancelable.

Displays is available as a Free Download with a 15 days trial period, so give it try!
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Displays 1.6 is now available

We’ve just updated Displays to version 1.6, our app to change resolution on Mac and manage monitors. This version adds a lot of features for taking screenshots.

First of all, when you take a screenshot, a new sharing window is now opened by default, as shown below. Inside this window, you can preview your screenshot and share it easily: either to an hosting service or to any other app installed on your Mac (we’re using the macOS sharing facility). In addition to Cloudapp and Dropbox, already supported, we’ve added OneDrive, Google Drive and FTP server support.

The other improvement is screenshot edition and annotation: directly in the sharing window, you can resize and crop your screenshot. We’ve added a lot of useful tools to annotate your screenshot, like drawing rectangle/circles, lines, free drawing, text, highlighter and even a blur/pixelate tool to hide sensitive data.

Last, we improved support for video card switch. MacBooks Pro and iMacs have two video cards, one called integrated (Intel) and the other one dedicated (Nvidia or ATI) ; macOS switches to the best video card, according to its needs. We’re now displaying the actual name of the video card in use, instead of just “Integrated” or “Dedicated”. And we’ve also added a notification when macOS is switching video card in use (enable this notification in Displays preferences, as this is turned off by default).