Displays updated to version 1.3

One month after its launch on the Mac App Store, we’re releasing a new version 1.3 for our app Displays, a powerful monitors manager for OS X. This update is available through the Mac App Store.

displays1-3We drastically improved the screenshot feature. First, you can now choose the default location and filename of screenshots. By default, Displays will always ask where to save the screenshot, but this behavior can be changed in Preferences. Second, we implemented full support for Dropbox and CloudApp services: after taking a screenshot, you can upload it automatically and the link will be copied to the pasteboard. In Displays Preferences, you can choose to be asked before uploading the screenshot and you can play a sound and show notification when upload is done. We’ll add other services in future releases.

We also improved other parts of the app. When you’re using the “Hide desktop icons” feature, all your desktop functions are disabled, which sometimes can be frustrating. So, drag and drop is now supported on your desktop even if you’re hiding desktop icons. When drag occurs, the desktop is revealed and when you drop the file, your desktop icons are hidden again. Last, the mouse pointer highlighter can now distinguish between left and right click (different color).

More information: Displays page | Release notes


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  1. marco   Friday June 24th, 2016 at 12:29

    hi, it’s normal that when you restar the mac, last resolution used is not hold? I have 3 macs and it’s the same thing for all

    • Jean-Baptiste   Thursday January 26th, 2017 at 19:49

      You can update to version 1.4 which should fix this issue. If you previously bought Displays from the Mac App Store, read our FAQ to get a free licence key (as Displays is not available on the Mac App Store anymore).

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