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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy our apps?
You can choose to buy our apps on the Mac App Store or through our webstore powered by our partner FastSpring. The price is the same except for local taxes which may be different depending on the Store. You need an Apple ID to buy on the Mac App Store.
Is there any difference with Mac App Store versions?
Our apps may be available on both the Mac App Store and our own webstore, but features are exactly the same.
I didn’t receive my license key!
License keys are automatically sent to your email address after your purchase. If you didn’t receive it, check your spam folder or use our license retrieval form below.
Can I install on multiple Macs?
License keys are strictly personal. For example, you may use it for both your iMac and MacBook, but not for all your family/office computers. However, your license is valid for all users on macOS.
Do you offer volume licensing?
We do offer volume licensing and education discounts, please contact us.
I would like a refund
Please check our refund policy.
I purchased Displays on the Mac App Store, how to get my free license?
Displays was previously available on the Mac App Store, but for technical reason, the app could not live anymore on this store without breaking support for Retina resolutions. Instead, we’re now selling license keys directly from our webstore. All people having bought Displays on the Mac App Store are eligible to a free license key. Download our Migration Assistant to request your key.
What’s the minimum requirement?
Displays requires at least macOS Mavericks (10.9) and a 64-bit processor. Fully optimized for Retina displays and working with macOS Big Sur (11.0) with latest version 1.6+ only available on our webstore.
Does it support macOS Big Sur?
Yes. Version 1.9.6 supports the latest release of macOS. Support for Apple Silicon processors (M1) is coming soon.
Why Displays is requesting permissions on macOS?
This is a new security feature starting macOS 10.14 Mojave. Displays needs only two permissions: one for System Preferences in order to control macOS dark mode, and one for the Finder to be able to maintain some Desktop features when icons are hidden. With macOS Catalina, there’s third permission to allow taking screenshot.
How to enable the experimental feature to disable monitors?
Open the Terminal app in your Utilities folder, and copy/paste this string:
defaults write com.jibapps.Displays AllowMonitorDisabling YES
To revert back: defaults write com.jibapps.Displays AllowMonitorDisabling NO
Disabling monitors is only available for secondary monitors and will cease to function as soon as you quit Displays.
Retina resolutions are not available!
Retina resolutions are not available with Displays 1.0 to 1.3 on macOS Sierra and later. You can update to version 1.6+ which fixes this issue, but this update is only available on our webstore.
Location services unavailable
Please check that location services are enabled in macOS Preferences > Security & Privacy > Location services. Also check that Displays is selected.
Why rotation is not supported?
Apple does not provide any perfect way to rotate screen in macOS. Therefore, some screens may support rotation, others may not. Most MacBook don’t support screen rotation, thus this function will not work in Displays.
Does it support AirPlay?
AirPlay monitor is fully supported but can be sometimes identified as “Unknown”.
How to switch macOS Dark Mode?
With Displays version 1.0 to 1.3, you need first to click on the button “Install Scripts” in Preferences.
Why desktop is not accessible when I use the feature ‘Hide desktop icons’?
This is a normal behavior as this function disables most desktop features. You may however drop files on the desktop, even if icons are hidden.
What’s the minimum requirement?
TrashMe 3 needs at least macOS High Sierra (10.13) and a 64-bit processor (Intel or Apple Silicon). It’s fully optimized for retina displays and supports dark mode.
Does it support macOS Big Sur?
Yes. Current version is fully optimized for the latest release of macOS.
Does it support the new Apple M1 processor?
Yes. Current version runs natively on the new Apple Silicon M1 processor.
Why TrashMe is requesting Full Disk Access?
Starting macOS Mojave 10.15, you need to allow Full Disk Access to get the best results when cleaning your Mac or uninstalling apps. In addition, TrashMe 3 will not have access to your Trash until you allow Full Disk Access, and then the automatic uninstallation will not work.
I can’t delete some files (Mac App Store version)
Apps distributed on the Mac App Store are not allowed to ask for your administrator password. For this reason, some files can’t be deleted by TrashMe and you need to move them manually to the Trash. However, if you install our pack of maintenance scripts, you’ll be able to delete those files and the Maintenance section will be restored (not present by default in the Mac App Store version).
Where is the Maintenance section (Mac App Store version)?
By default, the Maintenance section is not present in the Mac App Store version. Go to TrashMe preferences, then Advanced, to discover how to install our pack of maintenance scripts.
What’s the difference with the Mac App Store version?
TrashMe 3 is both available on the Mac App Store and on our webstore. The Mac App Store version has the following restrictions, due to Apple policy: files requiring admin password needs to be trashed manually, maintenance section is hidden by default (check our dedicated page), CPU temperature and fan speed are not available in the Smart Mode.
How to remove “Uninstall with TrashMe 3” entry in Finder contextual menu?
You can disable this menu item in macOS System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services. Look for “Uninstall with TrashMe 3” entry in the list, and uncheck it.
How to detect trashed app when TrashMe isn’t running?
You can enable the Smart Mode feature in Preferences. When you enable this feature, TrashMe doesn’t need to be opened: put an application in your Trash and TrashMe will automatically offer to uninstall the app.
How can I upgrade to TrashMe 3?
If you bought TrashMe 2 on our webstore, you can purchase an upgrade at a discounted price, directly on the store. If you purchased on the Mac App Store, you have two options: upgrade to a non-Mac App Store version or buy a bundle on the Mac App Store. Please check this page to read more.
Important Information for Mac App Store version
By default, TrashMe version available on the Mac App Store is unable to delete files and applications requiring your account’s password (due to Apple restrictions). To bypass this limitation, you can download this little free add-on: TrashMeAddon.dmg


What’s the minimum requirement?
TrashMe needs at least macOS Lion (10.7) and a 64-bit processor. It’s fully optimized for retina displays and is working with macOS Catalina (10.15).
Is TrashMe compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)?
New security measures from Apple will limit some functions of TrashMe on macOS Catalina: to clean caches and to list the content of your Trash, you need to allow full disk access in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy.
Why TrashMe is requesting access to my contacts (macOS 10.14 and above)?
When you’re using the contextual menu “Uninstall with TrashMe…” in the Finder, a dialog is showing up requesting access to your contacts. As TrashMe does not need access to your contacts, you can safely refuse this access.
What’s the difference between versions?
Two versions of TrashMe are available: Mac App Store and webstore. The main difference is that the Mac Store version is a bit more limited as it requires installation of our free addon whereas the version available for direct purchase is fully functional even with apps requiring admin password to get uninstalled.
The Smart detection feature does not work
There may be an issue with your Launch items database. You can fix permission by running this Terminal command: chmod -RN /var/db/launchd.db
If the problem is still present, please enable the debug mode in Preferences. Try to move some applications to the Trash and then send us the file «TrashMeHelper.log» located in your ~/Library/Logs/ folder through our contact form.
How to detect trashed app when TrashMe isn’t running?
You can enable the Smart detection feature in Preferences. When you enable this feature, TrashMe doesn’t need to be opened: put an application in your Trash and TrashMe will open automatically to present you related files.
How to remove “Uninstall with TrashMe” entry in Finder contextual menu?
You can disable this menu item in macOS Preferences. Go to “Keyboard” preferences, then “Shortcuts”, and on the left pane, choose “Services”. Now look for “Uninstall with TrashMe” entry in the list, and uncheck it.
After upgrading macOS, I can’t uninstall any application!
As this is probably a permission error, you should first try to repair permissions: open the Disk Utility (found in Utilities folder), select your system partition and then click on “Repair Disk Permissions”. Restart macOS and try again to uninstall an application with TrashMe.
How to recover my forgotten password for Favorite Apps?
Follow these instructions:
– Open macOS “Keychain” app located in “Utilities”
– Select “Session” and “All items” category on the left
– In the right table, look for “TrashMe Favorites: xxxx”
– Double-click on this line
– Check the box “Show password”
– Enter your macOS admin password
How to uninstall TrashMe?
First disable the Smart detection feature in TrashMe preferences and then remove the following files:
~/Library/Application Support/TrashMe
What’s the minimum requirement?
TunesArt requires at least macOS Mavericks (10.9) and a 64-bit processor. It’s fully optimized for retina displays and is working with macOS Catalina (10.15).
Is TunesArt compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)?
TunesArt is working with latest release of macOS Catalina and the new Music app.
Where can I download more themes?
To customize the album cover on your desktop, you can download more themes here.
Keyboard shortcuts for previous / next track behave weird!
Music app on macOS 10.15 Catalina takes the Option key into consideration to change the behavior of previous and next track actions. We advise to avoid the Option key when defining keyboard shortcuts for previous and next track actions.
TunesArt not working with iTunes 12.2+
In iTunes advanced preferences, please don’t uncheck “Share iTunes Library XML”, as it’s required for TunesArt working properly.
I can’t find the feature to automatically download lyrics
Before the arrival on the Mac App Store, TunesArt got a feature to automatically download missing lyrics from LyricWiki. Apple asked us to remove this feature, in order to protect copyrights owner and we’re not yet able to find an alternative. However, TunesArt is still able to check if lyrics are available on LyricWiki (if yes, with just one click, you can open LyricWiki website).
Tip: to download lyrics, press “ALT” key while clicking on the “Show” button.
Dark Mode not available
Please update to version 1.7 which is fully compatible with Dark Mode introduced in macOS Yosemite.
Shuffle and Repeat shortcuts don’t work!
There’s a bug in iTunes 11 and up where it’s impossible to change Shuffle and Repeat modes. This bug affects all apps trying to control iTunes. We hope Apple will fix this bug as soon as possible.
How to hide TunesArt icon from dock AND menubar?
First, make sure that « Menu bar » is selected for TunesArt icon in Preferences. Then, open the Terminal application of macOS (in Utilities folder), and copy/paste this string:
defaults write com.jibapps.TunesArt IconBehavior 3
Restart TunesArt.

To revert back:
defaults write com.jibapps.TunesArt IconBehavior 0
Restart TunesArt.

TunesArt is using a lot of RAM
The RAM usage depends on the size of your iTunes Library. So, if you’ve got more than 5000 tracks, and you don’t use the search feature, you should consider disabling this feature in Preferences window (‘Advanced’ tab). This will free up some megabytes.


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Release notes

Displays 1.9.6 (09.11.2020)
  • Support for macOS Big Sur
  • Added support for screenshots in HEIF format (10.14 ++)
  • Added adjustable quality setting for screenshots
  • Added visual effects in menus (10.14 ++)
  • Improved Screen Recording permission (10.15 ++)
  • Fixed small issues
Displays 1.9.5 (14.08.2020)
  • Keyboard input can be displayed on screen when mouse pointer highlighter is on
  • Improved detection of graphic card in-use
  • Improved detection of monitor name
  • Fixed broken Google Drive authentication for screenshot sharing
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Fixed other small issues
Displays 1.9.4 (27.05.2020)
  • Added a setting in Preferences to allow disabling of monitors
  • Fixed other small issues
Displays 1.9.3 (17.04.2020)
  • Added the ability to set the color depth (millions or billion of colors)
  • Screenshots can now be saved to different formats
  • Updated Frameworks
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio displayed for some resolutions
  • Fixed other small issues
Displays 1.9.2 (28.01.2020)
  • Added two new keyboard shortcuts for favorite resolutions
  • Reorganized keyboard shortcuts in preferences window
  • Keyboard shortcut for PiP will now open or close windows
Displays 1.9.1 (08.01.2020)
  • Fixed incorrect keyboard shortcuts for favorites resolutions
Displays 1.9 (06.01.2020)
  • Ready for macOS Catalina
  • True Tone can now be quickly enabled / disabled
  • Added a setting to open PiP for secondary monitors when app launches
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to open PiP for secondary monitors
  • Added a keyboard shortcut and notification for True Tone
  • Improved identification of AirPlay monitors
  • Improved privacy settings
  • Updated Frameworks
  • Fixed truncated monitors frequencies, especially on MacBook Pro 16in
  • Fixed an issue with the Welcome window
  • Fixed an issue with numbering tool in screenshot editor
  • Fixed incorrect keyboard shortcuts for favorites resolutions
  • Fixed other small issues
Displays 1.8.3 (19.08.2019)
  • Added a numbering tool in screenshot editor
  • Added a Privacy tab in Preferences to manage macOS authorizations
  • Various changes to prepare to macOS Catalina 10.15
Displays 1.8.2 (08.07.2019)
  • Mouse pointer highlighter can be set to a rectangular shape
  • New keyboard shortcuts to enable circle or rectangular highlighter
  • New keyboard shortcut to show mouse pointer highlighter options
  • Added German localization
  • Improved mouse pointer highlighter performance
  • Improved localizations
  • Updated Frameworks
  • Fixed an issue where blue filter could be lost after screen saver resumes
  • Fixed an issue when revoking access to OneDrive account
  • Various changes to prepare to macOS Catalina 10.15
Displays 1.8.1 (06.02.2019)
  • Updated Frameworks
  • Fixed an issue when desktop icons are hidden and resolution changes
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Bartender app
  • Fixed several minor bugs
Displays 1.8 (04.01.2019)
  • New screen capture tool: capture entire screen, area or specific window
  • Screenshots can be shared with Box, pCloud and SFTP server
  • Screenshots can be copied to clipboard
  • Screenshots can be opened in an external editor
  • New tools to edit screenshot: polygon, star, speech bubble, rotation
  • Improved screenshot uploads
  • Many other improvements in screenshot editor
  • Smoother transition to dark theme on macOS Mojave
  • Fixed many small bugs
Displays 1.7 (08.11.2018)
  • New: night mode can be automatically switched on when you launch an app
  • New: special action can be performed when right-clicking on menubar icon
  • New: some actions can be cancelled using embedded button in macOS notification
  • New: you can open screenshots from Finder so as to edit/share them
  • New: some actions can still be performed when desktop icons are hidden
  • Welcome screen includes an explanation about system authorization requests (10.14)
  • Improved support for macOS dark mode (10.14)
  • Improved notification appearance on macOS 10.10 or greater
  • Wallpaper changes are now reflected correctly when desktop icons are hidden
  • Screenshot upload and sharing are now grouped in same menu
  • Updated frameworks
  • Fixed incorrect DPI setting in screenshots
  • Fixed an issue with user location for night mode scheduling
  • Fixed a bug where desktop wallpaper was incorrect in night mode
  • Fixed several other bugs
Displays 1.6.3 (27.09.2018)
  • Fixed several bugs on macOS Mojave
  • Updated frameworks
Displays 1.6.2 (13.06.2018)
  • Fixed a bug with recently used resolution
  • Fixed a crash occurring on older macOS versions
  • Fixed several minor bugs
Displays 1.6.1 (18.05.2018)
  • New : spanish localization added
  • New : information about a monitor can be copied to pasteboard
  • Updated frameworks
  • Updated localizations
  • Fixed several minor bugs
Displays 1.6 (11.09.2017)
  • New: sharing window is opened by default after taking screenshot
  • New: screenshots can be edited (resize, crop…) and annotated
  • New: Google Drive, OneDrive and FTP are now supported for sharing screenshots
  • New: screenshots can be saved into PNG or JPEG format
  • New: url of uploaded screenshot can be automatically opened in web browser
  • New: get a notification when video card in use has changed
  • Actual name of video card is shown instead of Integrated/Dedicated
  • Updated Dropbox service to API V2
Displays 1.5.2 (13.03.2017)
  • Fixed a bug with invisible icons
  • Fixed a bug with blue light filter applied several times
Displays 1.5.1 (17.02.2017)
  • Improved and adjusted blue light filter
  • Fixed a bug with blue light filter
Displays 1.5 (16.02.2017)
  • New: night mode can be scheduled, based on sunset/sunrise or user-defined period
  • New: you can set an alternate wallpaper to use when night mode is on
  • Improved detection of monitor plug/unplug
  • Improved ‘Hide desktop icons’ feature
  • Reduced blue light setting is reapplied after color profile change
  • Fixed a bug preventing night mode to work with some color profiles
  • Fixed night mode bug at quit
  • Fixed misplaced built-in notifications
  • Fixed several minor bugs
Displays 1.4 (26.01.2017)
  • New: you can choose the amount of blue light to reduce
  • New: assign a keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot
  • New: color profile indicates if monitor supports P3 wide gamut
  • Better handling of overheight menus
  • Fixed retina resolutions not displayed with macOS Sierra
  • Fixed night mode only partially disabled at quit
  • Fixed macOS dark mode not applied when switching to night mode
  • Fixed other bugs
  • Note: Displays is not available on the Mac App Store anymore
Displays 1.3 (04.06.2016)
  • New: choose location and filename for screenshots
  • New: upload screenshots to either Dropbox or CloudApp
  • New: sound played when taking screenshot can be disabled
  • New: virtual laser can distinguish between left and right click
  • New: drag and drop is now possible when desktop icons are hidden
  • New: notification can be displayed when hiding desktop icons
  • Dark theme is applied to built-in notifications when required
  • Improved performance when playing sounds
  • Fixed an issue when switching to night mode
Displays 1.2.1 (24.05.2016)
  • AirPlay is now fully supported
  • New dark theme is now applied when OS X is in Dark mode
  • Color profile is displayed in monitor information
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed several minor bugs
Displays 1.2 (17.05.2016)
  • New feature: hide your desktop icons with one click
  • New feature: take a screenshot of any screen
  • New feature: show a test card for calibrating your display
  • PiP windows can now be resized
  • Added a setting to show resolutions aspect ratio
  • Added a setting to reduce blue light when Night Mode is enabled
  • Added settings to define PiP windows opacity and stream quality
  • Added Italian localization
  • Updated other localizations
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not being unregistered properly
  • Fixed misplacing of night mode shade in some configurations
  • Fixed other small bugs
Displays 1.1 (12.05.2016)
  • Added a setting to hide a resolution from list
  • Added new settings for PiP windows (level, position)
  • Fixed misplacing of PiP window
  • Fixed virtual laser pointer position between screens
  • Fixed an issue with night mode not working on secondary display
  • Fixed UI small glitches
Displays 1.0 (09.05.2016)
  • Initial release on the Mac App Store
TrashMe 3.2 (27.11.2020)
  • Support for Apple Silicon
  • Apps can be filtered by Apple Silicon support
  • App information now includes architecture
  • Duplicates can be selected by various methods
  • Duplicates can be sorted
  • System accent color is used throughout the app
  • Added “Open With” action for files
  • Improved search speed for duplicates
  • Improved search for apps updates
  • Improved drag and drop support everywhere in the app
  • Improved support for macOS Big Sur
  • Fixed an issue with exclusions for duplicates
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.1.3 (04.11.2020)
  • A preview pane can be displayed on top or on the right of files list
  • System section lists more Xcode files
  • Improved uninstallation algorithms
  • Improved detection of screenshots and installers in the Junk section
  • Improved detection of orphans in System section
  • Fixed incorrect memory usage in the Smart Mode menu
  • Fixed crash occurring when uninstalling unconventional apps
  • Fixed inoperative drag and drop of apps on TrashMe icon
  • Fixed slow search of duplicates in Home folder
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.1.1 (22.10.2020)
  • Cleaning history can be displayed in a dedicated window
  • Dashboard now shows accumulated recovered space on your Mac
  • Improved multiple files selection (use option + click to select)
  • Improved speed when uninstalling apps
  • Improved search for apps updates
  • Fixed mispositioned popup when Smart Mode detects app uninstall
  • Fixed localizations issues
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.1 (12.10.2020)
  • Files overview is now performed faster and requires less memory
  • Login Items now list apps’ login items too
  • TrashMe 2 settings and favorite apps can now be imported at first launch
  • Give us feedback thanks to the embedded feedback reporter
  • Improved apps uninstaller algorithm
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed a crash in advanced preferences
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.0.5 (23.09.2020)
  • Dashboard: added information about system disk
  • Improved Smart mode management
  • Fixed slow search of realated files when uninstalling
  • Fixed an issue preventing uninstallation of some apps
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.0.4 (08.09.2020)
  • Smart mode: Added network traffic information
  • Smart mode: Added SSID for Wi-Fi network
  • Smart mode: Bars now show in red when usage is too high
  • Added Brazilian Portguese localization
  • Preliminary support for macOS Big Sur
  • Improved search for apps updates
  • Improved information about the system on the Dashboard page
  • Improved Mac identification with latest models
  • Fixed small issues
TrashMe 3.0.3 (07.08.2020)
  • Improved search for apps updates
  • Improved support for Bartender app
  • Improved activation process
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.0.2 (08.06.2020)
  • Added backup and restore functions for Favorites
  • Added German localization
  • Improved opening of Mac App Store apps in Updates section
  • Fixed an issue with disk usage not refreshing
  • Fixed Full Disk Access warning still showing up after enabling access
  • Fixed incorrect resize of the Smart mode popover
  • Fixed localizations issues
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.0.1 (26.05.2020)
  • New setting to automatically close TrashMe after uninstalling with Smart Mode
  • New setting to hide Smart Mode icon in system Menu Bar
  • Opening app in Updates section now redirects to the App Store if needed
  • Remove updates from list after they are installed
  • Fixed battery information showing up for non-laptop Mac
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 3.0 (19.05.2020)

Initial release

TrashMe 2.1.23 (22.10.2020)
  • Fixed small issues
TrashMe 2.1.22 (22.08.2020)
  • Fixed a crash occurring when emptying the Trash
  • Fixed other small issues
TrashMe 2.1.21 (29.01.2019)
  • Fixed a crash when calculating file size
TrashMe 2.1.20 (17.01.2019)
  • Fixed missing permission for Finder
TrashMe 2.1.19 (17.01.2019)
  • Improved support for macOS Mojave
  • Improved support for Voice Over
  • Fixed crash when searching junk files
  • Fixed some other issues
TrashMe 2.1.18 (16.05.2018)
  • Improved support for macOS High Sierra
TrashMe 2.1.17 (24.10.2017)
  • Improved support for macOS High Sierra
  • Updated localizations
TrashMe 2.1.16 (15.02.2017)
  • Updated localizations
  • Fixed a bug preventing to clean caches in Tools section
  • Fixed some other small issues
TrashMe 2.1.15 (06.01.2017)
  • Improved support for macOS Sierra and new MacBook Pro
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Fixed several bugs
TrashMe 2.1.14 (19.10.2016)
  • Improved stability with macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • Fixed several bugs
TrashMe 2.1.13 (03.06.2016)
  • Improved general stability
  • Fixed broken preview for startup items
  • Fixed crash occurring when listing installed apps
  • Updated Dutch localization
TrashMe 2.1.12 (30.04.2016)
  • Improved general stability
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Fixed several bugs
TrashMe 2.1.11 (12.09.2015)
  • Fixed an issue where junk files could not be deleted
  • Fixed a crash issue when deleting iPhoto cache
  • Improved reliability of search algorithm
  • Fixed some other small issues
  • Optimized app size
TrashMe 2.1.10 (14.07.2015)
  • Fixed some small bugs
TrashMe 2.1.9 (12.06.2015)
  • Improved stability of history feature
  • Fixed UI glitches occurring under OS X 10.10
  • Fixed bugs when searching for junk files
  • Fixed an issue when uninstalling DMG files
  • Fixed several other bugs
  • Updated help files
  • Updated localizations
TrashMe 2.1.8 (31.10.2014)
  • Fixed errors in English localization
  • Fixed UI glitches occurring under OS X 10.10
  • Fixed some other minor bugs
TrashMe 2.1.7 (11.06.2014)
  • Fixed graphic issues
  • Fixed crash when switching sidebar mode
  • Fixed debug messages appearing in Console
  • Fixed incorrect number of items returned when filtering apps
  • Fixed broken keyboard shortcut for filtering apps
TrashMe 2.1.6 (03.01.2014)
  • Fixed issues occurring on OS X 10.9
  • Added a setting to auto-close TrashMe after deleting files
  • Improved algorithm for searching related files
TrashMe 2.1.5 (10.12.2012)
  • Updated Turkish localization
  • Fixed password modification issue for favorites apps
  • Fixed crash when listing installed applications
TrashMe 2.1.4 (15.10.2012)
  • Fixed smart detection popping improperly
  • Fixed history search not working
  • Fixed history sort order (descending)
  • Fixed some cosmetic bugs
TrashMe 2.1.3 (06.08.2012)
  • Fixed the incorrect fullscreen button in title bar
  • Fixed invisible window when using smart detection
  • Fixed minor bug
TrashMe 2.1.2 (01.08.2012)
  • Optimized for Retina display and Mountain Lion
  • Fixed a bug causing smart detection to crash
  • Fixed some other minor bugs
TrashMe 2.1.1 (25.08.2011)
  • Improved results for sandboxed apps (Mac OS X 10.7 only)
  • Fixed a bug preventing from removing files with correct rights
  • Fixed display bug occuring when searching related files
TrashMe 2.1 (15.08.2011)
  • Now works with 32 bits processors too
  • Improved algorithm for searching related files
  • Sidebar can be expanded (off by default)
  • Files or folders can be set to be excluded from results
  • Favorite Apps data can now be exported
  • History can be exported to a text file
  • New Russian localization
  • Fixed incomplete localizations
  • Fixed UI glitches for OS X Lion
  • Fixed a bug when reverting to preferences defaults
  • Fixed some other bugs
TrashMe 2.0 (21.07.2011)
  • New design
  • New features (manage favorite apps, clean caches, force empty trash)
TunesArt 1.9.5 (29.01.2020)
  • Fixed an issue with tracks containing special characters
  • Fixed issues with Music app
TunesArt 1.9.4 (20.01.2020)
  • Added a setting to disable text scrolling in menubar
  • Fixed issues in Twitter engine
TunesArt 1.9.3 (27.12.2019)
  • Fixed embedded lyrics not showing on macOS Catalina
TunesArt 1.9.2 (07.11.2019)
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut not showing notification
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for previous/next track
  • Fixed an issue when searching tracks with special characters
TunesArt 1.9.1 (07.10.2019)
  • Ready for macOS Catalina 10.15
TunesArt 1.9 (16.09.2019)
  • Artworks are displayed when searching with iTunes closed
  • Menubar miniplayer now supports rewind and fast-forward
  • Improved performance when searching iTunes music
  • Lower memory footprint
  • Fixed error when tweeting song without artwork
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Bartender app
  • Fixed issues with bezel notifications
  • Fixed several issues
TunesArt 1.8.1 (16.01.2019)
  • Improved support for dark mode in macOS Mojave
  • Improved notification appearance
  • Improved behavior for album cover on desktop
  • Improved support for artworks in Spotify
  • Fixed broken shortcuts for repeat and shuffle modes
  • Fixed issues in Tags manager
  • Fixed several other bugs
TunesArt 1.8 (17.12.2018)
  • New: support for Spotify
  • New: Rounded theme is now default theme
  • New: notifications can be automatically removed from notification center
  • Information about an artist can be displayed without a account
  • Improved Twitter support (genre and artwork can be included)
  • Improved notifications when using macOS notification center
  • Fixed lyrics garbage
  • Fixed several other bugs
  • Removed Growl support (unmaintened project)
TunesArt 1.7.2 (21.05.2016)
  • Fixed issues with and Twitter services
  • Fixed issue with the online services
TunesArt 1.7.1 (18.05.2016)
  • Fix compatibility issue with iTunes 12.4
TunesArt 1.7 (15.07.2015)
  • New setting to make the lyrics window transparent
  • New setting to open the lyrics window when TunesArt launches
  • New buttons in lyrics window to adjust font size
  • Added warning if user unchecked ‘Share XML Library’ in iTunes
  • Updated bezel notifications for Yosemite
  • Support for Dark mode in Yosemite
  • Fixed broken search
  • Fixed broken library manager
  • Fixed UI glitches on Yosemite
  • Fixed LyricWiki search action
  • Fixed lyrics’ fontname in Preferences
TunesArt 1.6.2 (24.06.2014)
  • New personal setting to display album cover with Exposé
  • FIX: Fixed incorrect state of play/pause buttons
  • FIX : Fixed track position not updating with latest iTunes version
TunesArt 1.6.1 (19.02.2013)
  • Optimized for iTunes 11
  • TunesArt now works when iTunes library is outside Music folder
  • Updated some themes elements for better quality
  • Brazilian Portuguese localization updated
  • FIX: Notification font color can be customized again
  • FIX: Lyrics font size was not applied properly
  • FIX: Shortcut for hiding Lyrics window was not working
  • FIX: Growl notifications were not working
  • FIX: Fixed other small issues
TunesArt 1.6 (13.11.2012)
  • TunesArt is now sandboxed
  • Optimized for Mountain Lion and Retina display
  • Support for OS X notification center (10.8 only)
  • authorization can now be removed
  • New shortcut to open / close iTunes
  • New Love/Ban buttons on desktop artwork for faster access
  • New localization ‘Brazilian Portuguese’
  • Controls on hovering desktop artwork now shows a little bit slower
  • More discrete scrolling title background
  • Search on LyricWiki now opens search results instead of homepage
  • Revamped search window
  • Only almost-square artworks are now returned when fetching
  • FIX: Sending Tweet was not working anymore
  • FIX: Missing artworks are now only fetched from same album
  • FIX: Fixed broken Amazon artworks fetching
  • FIX: Fixed incorrect color of lyrics when user chose custom color
  • FIX: Fixed many other issues
  • Note: removed iPod scrobbling due to Sandbox policy


Retrieve license key

If you need to retrieve your license key, please choose the desired app and fill-in the email address used when you purchased. If you don’t have access to this email address anymore, please contact us and we’ll look into our database.