New features for TunesArt 1.7

We’ve finally updated our iTunes Companion “TunesArt” to version 1.7. Apart from bugs fixes, this new version is now fully supporting Yosemite dark mode: all menubar items can be displayed either in black (normal state) or in white when dark mode is enabled. Also, all bezel notifications benefit from an update and will display differently according to the dark mode enabled or not.

Second, we’ve improved the lyrics window. We’ve added buttons to change font size directly, without going to preferences. And we introduced a transparent mode, which allows you to stick the lyrics on your desktop. To enable this mode, either go to Preferences or click the little gear button. And don’t forget to set the window level to ‘Desktop’.

Some users asked us about Apple Music. We’re working on it, but this new service has been launched only two weeks ago, so please be patient 😉