Frequently Asked Questions



What’s the minimum requirement?

Displays needs at least macOS Mountain Lion (10.8). Fully optimized for Retina displays and working with macOS Sierra (10.12) but on some 10.12 configurations, retina resolutions are not displayed. We’re working on a fix.

Does it support AirPlay?

AirPlay monitor is fully supported since version 1.2.1. However, it can be sometimes identified as “Unknown”.

How to switch macOS Dark Mode?

Before you can use this feature, please click on the button “Install Scripts” in Preferences.

Why desktop is not accessible when I use the feature ‘Hide desktop icons’?

This is a normal behavior as this function disables all desktop features.


By default, TrashMe 2.x is unable to delete files and applications requiring your account’s password (due to Apple restrictions). To bypass this limitation, you can download this little free add-on : TrashMeAddon.dmg
— Updated on 09/03/2016 —
It will also add some nice features.


Is TrashMe compatible with macOS Sierra (10.12)?

TrashMe is working with latest release of macOS Sierra (formerly known as Mac OSX) and Retina display.

After installing Yosemite, some related files can’t be removed!

Please reinstall TrashMe addon (see red box above).

The Smart detection feature does not work

There may be an issue with your Launch items database. You can fix permission by running this Terminal command: chmod -RN /var/db/launchd.db
If the problem is still present, please enable the debug mode in Preferences. Try to move some applications to the Trash and then send us the file «TrashMeHelper.log» located in your ~/Library/Logs/ folder through our contact form.

How to detect trashed app when TrashMe isn’t running?

You can enable the Smart detection feature in Preferences. When you enable this feature, TrashMe doesn’t need to be opened: put an application in your Trash and TrashMe will open automatically to present you related files.

How to remove “Uninstall with TrashMe” entry in Finder contextual menu?

You can disable this menu item in macOS Preferences. Go to “Keyboard” preferences, then “Shortcuts”, and on the left pane, choose “Services”. Now look for “Uninstall with TrashMe” entry in the list, and uncheck it.

After upgrading macOS, I can’t uninstall any application!

As this is probably a permission error, you should first try to repair permissions: open the Disk Utility (found in Utilities folder), select your system partition and then click on “Repair Disk Permissions”. Restart macOS and try again to uninstall an application with TrashMe.

How to recover my forgotten password for Favorite Apps?

Follow these instructions:
– Open macOS “Keychain” app located in “Utilities”
– Select “Session” and “All items” category on the left
– In the right table, look for “TrashMe Favorites: xxxx”
– Double-click on this line
– Check the box “Show password”
– Enter your macOS admin password


Is TunesArt compatible with macOS Sierra (10.12)?

Current version is working properly under macOS Sierra (10.12) and has been entirely optimized for iTunes 11+ and Retina display.

TunesArt not working with iTunes 12.2+

In iTunes advanced preferences, please don’t uncheck “Share iTunes Library XML”, as it’s required for TunesArt working properly.

Console app is filled with a lot of messages.

There’s a bug in Yosemite affecting all apps using Apple’s ScriptingBridge technology. You can see message like “AppleEvents: Send port for process has no send right […]”. We hope Apple will fix this bug as soon as possible.

I can’t find the feature to automatically download lyrics

Before the arrival on the Mac App Store, TunesArt got a feature to automatically download missing lyrics from LyricWiki. Apple asked us to remove this feature, in order to protect copyrights owner and we’re not yet able to find an alternative. However, TunesArt is still able to check if lyrics are available on LyricWiki (if yes, with just one click, you can open LyricWiki website).

Tip: to download lyrics, press “ALT” key while clicking on the “Show” button.

Dark Mode not available.

Please update to version 1.7 which is fully compatible with Dark Mode introduced in macOS Yosemite.

Shuffle and Repeat shortcuts don’t work!

There’s a bug in iTunes 11 and up where it’s impossible to change Shuffle and Repeat modes. This bug affects all apps trying to control iTunes. We hope Apple will fix this bug as soon as possible.

How to hide TunesArt icon from dock AND menubar?

First, make sure that « Menu bar » is selected for TunesArt icon in Preferences. Then, open the Terminal application of macOS (in Utilities folder), and copy/paste this string :
defaults write com.jibapps.TunesArt IconBehavior 3
Restart TunesArt.

To revert back:
defaults write com.jibapps.TunesArt IconBehavior 0
Restart TunesArt.

TunesArt is using a lot of RAM

The RAM usage depends on the size of your iTunes Library. So, if you’ve got more than 5000 tracks, and you don’t use the search feature, you should consider disabling this feature in Preferences window (‘Advanced’ tab). This will free up some megabytes.


When Licone will be available?

Beta stage is currently closed. Licone is currently being refreshed to be fully compatible with latest versions of macOS.

What’s the minimum requirement?

You need at least macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), either with a 32 bits or 64 bits system.


Does current version work with Mountain Lion (10.8)?

EyeRemote has not been tested under Mountain Lion. It’s not compatible with GateKeeper, thus you need to change your setting in “System Preferences > Security” to allow all application to run on your Mac, or right-click the app and choose “Open”.

Is EyeRemote working along with RemoteBuddy or Sofa Control ?

EyeRemote requires an exclusive access to your Apple Remote (as Sofa Control does), thus it will not work along with those softwares. However, you can choose to disable EyeRemote temporarily when a particular software is launched.

I can’t find a logos package for my country !

Creating logos package for channels is a lot of work. Thus, we can’t create a package for all countries at the same time. If you want to help, please contact us.