TrashMe 3 Scripts


Why installing scripts?

TrashMe 3 lets you run maintenance scripts when you decide. By default, the Mac App Store version of TrashMe 3 does not come with any scripts, but you can easily add your own scripts.

Download sample scripts


To get started, we offer to download a pack of sample scripts (same scripts than the non-Mac App Store version of TrashMe). After downloading the pack, follow instructions in TrashMe 3 Preferences > Advanced to install these scripts.

The archive contains 9 scripts: HiddenFiles.scpt, UserLibrary.scpt, DSDontWriteNetworkStores.scpt, FontsCaches.scpt, RecentPlaces.scpt, PurgeRAM.scpt, ClearDNS.scpt, EmptyTrash.scpt and RecylceFiles.scpt (the last two are only used by TrashMe and will not appear in the Maintenance section).

Writing a script

Open the Script Editor app that is located in Applications > Utilities
Write your script (you can read the official documentation)
Save the script ; the file should be of SCPT format


If you require assistance on using the scripts, please contact us

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