Release notes



Displays 1.7 (08.11.2018)

– New: night mode can be automatically switched on when you launch an app
– New: special action can be performed when right-clicking on menubar icon
– New: some actions can be cancelled using embedded button in macOS notification
– New: you can open screenshots from Finder so as to edit/share them
– New: some actions can still be performed when desktop icons are hidden
– Welcome screen includes an explanation about system authorization requests (10.14)
– Improved support for macOS dark mode (10.14)
– Improved notification appearance on macOS 10.10 or greater
– Wallpaper changes are now reflected correctly when desktop icons are hidden
– Screenshot upload and sharing are now grouped in same menu
– Updated frameworks
– Fixed incorrect DPI setting in screenshots
– Fixed an issue with user location for night mode scheduling
– Fixed a bug where desktop wallpaper was incorrect in night mode
– Fixed several other bugs

Displays 1.6.3 (27.09.2018)

– Fixed several bugs on macOS Mojave
– Updated frameworks

Displays 1.6.2 (13.06.2018)

– Fixed a bug with recently used resolution
– Fixed a crash occurring on older macOS versions
– Fixed several minor bugs

Displays 1.6.1 (18.05.2018)

– New : spanish localization added
– New : information about a monitor can be copied to pasteboard
– Updated frameworks
– Updated localizations
– Fixed several minor bugs

Displays 1.6 (11.09.2017)

– New: sharing window is opened by default after taking screenshot
– New: screenshots can be edited (resize, crop…) and annotated
– New: Google Drive, OneDrive and FTP are now supported for sharing screenshots
– New: screenshots can be saved into PNG or JPEG format
– New: url of uploaded screenshot can be automatically opened in web browser
– New: get a notification when video card in use has changed
– Actual name of video card is shown instead of Integrated/Dedicated
– Updated Dropbox service to API V2

Displays 1.5.2 (13.03.2017)

– Fixed a bug with invisible icons
– Fixed a bug with blue light filter applied several times

Displays 1.5.1 (17.02.2017)

– Improved and adjusted blue light filter
– Fixed a bug with blue light filter

Displays 1.5 (16.02.2017)

– New: night mode can be scheduled, based on sunset/sunrise or user-defined period
– New: you can set an alternate wallpaper to use when night mode is on
– Improved detection of monitor plug/unplug
– Improved ‘Hide desktop icons’ feature
– Reduced blue light setting is reapplied after color profile change
– Fixed a bug preventing night mode to work with some color profiles
– Fixed night mode bug at quit
– Fixed misplaced built-in notifications
– Fixed several minor bugs

Displays 1.4 (26.01.2017)

– New: you can choose the amount of blue light to reduce
– New: assign a keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot
– New: color profile indicates if monitor supports P3 wide gamut
– Better handling of overheight menus
– Fixed retina resolutions not displayed with macOS Sierra
– Fixed night mode only partially disabled at quit
– Fixed macOS dark mode not applied when switching to night mode
– Fixed other bugs
Note: Displays is not available on the Mac App Store anymore

Displays 1.3 (04.06.2016)

– New: choose location and filename for screenshots
– New: upload screenshots to either Dropbox or CloudApp
– New: sound played when taking screenshot can be disabled
– New: virtual laser can distinguish between left and right click
– New: drag and drop is now possible when desktop icons are hidden
– New: notification can be displayed when hiding desktop icons
– Dark theme is applied to built-in notifications when required
– Improved performance when playing sounds
– Fixed an issue when switching to night mode

Displays 1.2.1 (24.05.2016)

– AirPlay is now fully supported
– New dark theme is now applied when OS X is in Dark mode
– Color profile is displayed in monitor information
– Improved performance
– Fixed several minor bugs

Displays 1.2 (17.05.2016)

– New feature: hide your desktop icons with one click
– New feature: take a screenshot of any screen
– New feature: show a test card for calibrating your display
– PiP windows can now be resized
– Added a setting to show resolutions aspect ratio
– Added a setting to reduce blue light when Night Mode is enabled
– Added settings to define PiP windows opacity and stream quality
– Added Italian localization
– Updated other localizations
– Fixed keyboard shortcuts not being unregistered properly
– Fixed misplacing of night mode shade in some configurations
– Fixed other small bugs

Displays 1.1 (12.05.2016)

– Added a setting to hide a resolution from list
– Added new settings for PiP windows (level, position)
– Fixed misplacing of PiP window
– Fixed virtual laser pointer position between screens
– Fixed an issue with night mode not working on secondary display
– Fixed UI small glitches

Displays 1.0 (09.05.2016)

– Initial release on the Mac App Store


TrashMe 2.1.18 (16.05.2018)

– Improved support for macOS High Sierra

TrashMe 2.1.17 (24.10.2017)

– Improved support for macOS High Sierra
– Updated localizations

TrashMe 2.1.16 (15.02.2017)

– Updated localizations
– Fixed a bug preventing to clean caches in Tools section
– Fixed some other small issues

TrashMe 2.1.15 (06.01.2017)

– Improved support for macOS Sierra and new MacBook Pro
– Fixed localization issues
– Fixed several bugs

TrashMe 2.1.14 (19.10.2016)

– Improved stability with macOS Sierra (10.12)
– Fixed several bugs

TrashMe 2.1.13 (03.06.2016)

– Improved general stability
– Fixed broken preview for startup items
– Fixed crash occurring when listing installed apps
– Updated Dutch localization

TrashMe 2.1.12 (30.04.2016)

– Improved general stability
– Fixed localization issues
– Fixed several bugs

TrashMe 2.1.11 (12.09.2015)

– Fixed an issue where junk files could not be deleted
– Fixed a crash issue when deleting iPhoto cache
– Improved reliability of search algorithm
– Fixed some other small issues
– Optimized app size

TrashMe 2.1.10 (14.07.2015)

– Fixed some small bugs

TrashMe 2.1.9 (12.06.2015)

– Improved stability of history feature
– Fixed UI glitches occurring under OS X 10.10
– Fixed bugs when searching for junk files
– Fixed an issue when uninstalling DMG files
– Fixed several other bugs
– Updated help files
– Updated localizations

TrashMe 2.1.8 (31.10.2014)

– Fixed errors in English localization
– Fixed UI glitches occurring under OS X 10.10
– Fixed some other minor bugs

TrashMe 2.1.7 (11.06.2014)

– Fixed graphic issues
– Fixed crash when switching sidebar mode
– Fixed debug messages appearing in Console
– Fixed incorrect number of items returned when filtering apps
– Fixed broken keyboard shortcut for filtering apps

TrashMe 2.1.6 (03.01.2014)

– Fixed issues occurring on OS X 10.9
– Added a setting to auto-close TrashMe after deleting files
– Improved algorithm for searching related files

TrashMe 2.1.5 (10.12.2012)

– Updated Turkish localization
– Fixed password modification issue for favorites apps
– Fixed crash when listing installed applications

TrashMe 2.1.4 (15.10.2012)

– Fixed smart detection popping improperly
– Fixed history search not working
– Fixed history sort order (descending)
– Fixed some cosmetic bugs

TrashMe 2.1.3 (06.08.2012)

– Fixed the incorrect fullscreen button in title bar
– Fixed invisible window when using smart detection
– Fixed minor bug

TrashMe 2.1.2 (01.08.2012)

– Optimized for Retina display and Mountain Lion
– Fixed a bug causing smart detection to crash
– Fixed some other minor bugs

TrashMe 2.1.1 (25.08.2011)

– Improved results for sandboxed apps (Mac OS X 10.7 only)
– Fixed a bug preventing from removing files with correct rights
– Fixed display bug occuring when searching related files

TrashMe 2.1 (15.08.2011)

– Now works with 32 bits processors too
– Improved algorithm for searching related files
– Sidebar can be expanded (off by default)
– Files or folders can be set to be excluded from results
– Favorite Apps data can now be exported
– History can be exported to a text file
– New Russian localization
– Fixed incomplete localizations
– Fixed UI glitches for OS X Lion
– Fixed a bug when reverting to preferences defaults
– Fixed some other bugs

TrashMe 2.0 (21.07.2011)

– New design
– New features (manage favorite apps, clean caches, force empty trash)


TunesArt 1.7.2 (21.05.2016)

– Fixed issues with and Twitter services
– Fixed issue with the online services

TunesArt 1.7.1 (18.05.2016)

– Fix compatibility issue with iTunes 12.4

TunesArt 1.7 (15.07.2015)

– New setting to make the lyrics window transparent
– New setting to open the lyrics window when TunesArt launches
– New buttons in lyrics window to adjust font size
– Added warning if user unchecked ‘Share XML Library’ in iTunes
– Updated bezel notifications for Yosemite
– Support for Dark mode in Yosemite
– Fixed broken search
– Fixed broken library manager
– Fixed UI glitches on Yosemite
– Fixed LyricWiki search action
– Fixed lyrics’ fontname in Preferences

TunesArt 1.6.2 (24.06.2014)

– New personal setting to display album cover with Exposé
– FIX: Fixed incorrect state of play/pause buttons
– FIX : Fixed track position not updating with latest iTunes version

TunesArt 1.6.1 (19.02.2013)

– Optimized for iTunes 11
– TunesArt now works when iTunes library is outside Music folder
– Updated some themes elements for better quality
– Brazilian Portuguese localization updated
– FIX: Notification font color can be customized again
– FIX: Lyrics font size was not applied properly
– FIX: Shortcut for hiding Lyrics window was not working
– FIX: Growl notifications were not working
– FIX: Fixed other small issues

TunesArt 1.6 (13.11.2012)

– TunesArt is now sandboxed
– Optimized for Mountain Lion and Retina display
– Support for OS X notification center (10.8 only)
– authorization can now be removed
– New shortcut to open / close iTunes
– New Love/Ban buttons on desktop artwork for faster access
– New localization ‘Brazilian Portuguese’
– Controls on hovering desktop artwork now shows a little bit slower
– More discrete scrolling title background
– Search on LyricWiki now opens search results instead of homepage
– Revamped search window
– Only almost-square artworks are now returned when fetching
– FIX: Sending Tweet was not working anymore
– FIX: Missing artworks are now only fetched from same album
– FIX: Fixed broken Amazon artworks fetching
– FIX: Fixed incorrect color of lyrics when user chose custom color
– FIX: Fixed many other issues
– Note: removed iPod scrobbling due to Sandbox policy

TunesArt 1.5.1 (29.09.2011)

– TunesArt tag when tweeting is now optional
– After playing a search result, play is continuing with next track
– Fixed incorrect album tracks when right-clicking on desktop coverart
– Fixed a bug preventing TunesArt to launch

TunesArt 1.5 (05.08.2011)

– Now compatible with Lion and iTunes 10.4+
– Added Tags manager
– Added Twitter support
– Added new theme “Minimalist”
– Previous/Next buttons can now rewind/fast forward when held down
– Added optional ratings in menu bar
– Added a time progress bar to desktop cover controls
– Revamped controls on desktop cover
– Lyrics can be now pasted from Clipboard and saved with one-click
– Search window now returns Playlists too
– FIX: Fixed improper height of search window in particular situations
– FIX: Fixed impossible drop of artworks on cover with iTunes 10.2+
– FIX: Fixed some other small bugs

TunesArt 1.2.2 (11.04.2011)

– Fixed a bug preventing artworks to be saved with iTunes 10.2.x
– Fixed a bug causing default artwork to be sometimes flipped

TunesArt 1.2.1 (20.02.2011)

– Can now search for ‘Gracenote’ version of lyrics on LyricWiki
– Incomplete lyrics from LyricWiki are not displayed anymore
– FIX: Fixed incomplete localizations
– FIX: Fixed some glitches

TunesArt 1.2 (29.11.2010)

– Revamped Last.FM scrobbler, now supporting Love & Ban features
– Added a basic « Exclusions » feature for scrobbler
– New feature to display track’s name in menu bar
– Now looks for album artwork too, if a track has no artwork
– Search window is now organized by album and shows track number
– Added a panel showing artist’s information from
– Added a submenu
– Growl will now use an unique notification window
– FIX: Fixed a display bug related to desktop cover’s title
– FIX: Radio tracks, podcasts and audiobooks are no longer scrobbled to
– FIX: Fixed some bugs
– FIX: Search window position is now saved between launches


EyeRemote 1.2 (24.10.2010)

– Main menu items are customizable
– Improved logos packages support
– Launching an application will first close EyeTV live window
– New logo packages for United States and Norway (thanks to Scott Lindahl & Jostein Mikal Hageberg)
– FIX: some localizations were incomplete
– FIX: EyeRemote could be disabled when starting up your Mac

EyeRemote 1.1 (19.09.2010)

– German localization thanks to Ulf Hauf
– Main menu can be customized (background color and opacity, font color…)
– New menu item to shutdown your Mac
– Download logo pack directly from EyeRemote
– Support for Rewind & Fast forward actions
– New action ‘Channels list’ can be assigned to remote buttons
– New action ‘EyeTV Menu’ can be assigned to remote buttons
– Boxee can now be launched from main menu
– A welcome screen is displayed at first launch
– EyeRemote icon can now be displayed in Dock or Menubar (but not both)
– Improved Sleep timer
– Improved navigation in menus
– Some other UI adjustments
– FIX: better channel’s logo management
– FIX: recording info was not displayed
– FIX: wrong position of windows with smaller screens
– FIX: launching FrontRow was not disabling EyeRemote
– FIX: channel number with 3 digits was truncated
– FIX: optimized EyeTV launch
– FIX: some other small bugs are fixed

EyeRemote 1.0 (13.09.2010)

First version