EyeRemote is Free
Version 1.2
1.0MB – 24 October 2010
Mac OS X 10.5 and later


Extend EyeTV features



If you’re using the great EyeTV software, you’ll enjoy EyeRemote! Controlling EyeTV with your Apple Remote is now a pleasure, and EyeRemote will extend your TV software features (sleep timer, launch other softwares…).

Main features

Control EyeTV with your Apple Remote (white or alu)
Extend EyeTV features, for example with a sleep timer
Display current program and channel’s logo with just one remote click
Customize remote behavior
Avoid unwanted launch of FrontRow
Launch other applications with your remote (Plex, XMBC, iTunes…)
Choose to control system volume instead of EyeTV volume

Get EyeRemote for Mac now
Freeware, version 1.2
Requires macOS 10.5 or later