Celebrating 6 years of TrashMe

In April 2010, we were launching our best-seller app, TrashMe, a powerful uninstaller for Mac. And one year later, TrashMe was available on the brand new Mac App Store launched by Apple.

We’ve constantly updated TrashMe during those 6 years. Many users contacted us to suggest new features and report bugs and we’d like to thank all of them. In the past few weeks, TrashMe development was focused on reliability: dozens of bugs have been fixed and we’ve improved search algorithm. But, we also added some nice features (get warning when your Trash is oversized, automatically close TrashMe after uninstallation, search for orphans…).

To say “Happy Birthday TrashMe”, we’re offering today a new release 2.1.12, available on the Mac App Store. And as a bonus, TrashMe is 50% off for a limited time. Enjoy!

TrahsMe is only 3.99 US$, available on the Mac App Store (limited-time offer).


New features for TunesArt 1.7

We’ve finally updated our iTunes Companion “TunesArt” to version 1.7. Apart from bugs fixes, this new version is now fully supporting Yosemite dark mode: all menubar items can be displayed either in black (normal state) or in white when dark mode is enabled. Also, all bezel notifications benefit from an update and will display differently according to the dark mode enabled or not.


Second, we’ve improved the lyrics window. We’ve added buttons to change font size directly, without going to preferences. And we introduced a transparent mode, which allows you to stick the lyrics on your desktop. To enable this mode, either go to Preferences or click the little gear button. And don’t forget to set the window level to ‘Desktop’.

Some users asked us about Apple Music. We’re working on it, but this new service has been launched only two weeks ago, so please be patient ;-)


TunesArt 1.6.2 released

Today, we’re pleased to announce a new release 1.6.2 for our iTunes companion “TunesArt”.

Here is the change log :
– New personal setting to display album cover with Exposé
– FIX: Fixed incorrect state of play/pause buttons
– FIX : Fixed track position not updating with latest iTunes version

More information : TunesArt product information.


TrashMe 2.1.7 released

Today, we’re pleased to announce a new release for our uninstaller “TrashMe”. This new 2.1.7 version fixes a lot of bugs and other crashes. Thus, it’s highly recommended to update.

We’ve also refreshed the design a little bit, getting rid of colored buttons for a more textual replacement. You’ll also be able to get back to previous page in most parts of the app. Last but not least, there are two bonus features: you can search for new types of junk files (big files, old files) and you can now delete startup items.

And don’t forget to download our free add-on in order to delete files requiring admin password.

More information : TrashMe product information.


Uninstallers accuracy

We’ve started to develop our best-seller TrashMe in 2010. Since then, we’ve drastically improved the algorithm to be as accurate as possible when searching for related files to delete. Because our customers don’t want to remove critical files from their system. Because our customers want to rely on an accurate search engine.

Some uninstallers are not so accurate. For example, we compared TrashMe to iTrash when uninstalling CloudApp application (see picture below). At first glance, iTrash gives us more results: 10 files instead of 5 files for TrashMe. But look at the results: even with the “Expert mode” disabled, iTrash is inaccurate, listing some critical files used for Apple iCloud settings. 5 files among the 10 files founds are completely wrong.

We’ve tried uninstalling other applications and found similar issue: when uninstalling Adobe Illustrator, TrashMe is finding 5 related files where iTrash is finding 34 files offering us to remove all Adobe settings (Photoshop, Acrobat…) !

So, be careful, always choose an uninstaller with high accuracy.
TrahsMe is only 7.99 US$, available on the Mac App Store.